Mommys girl

Rachel my oldest daughter made me blast, with just pride, here last year for Christmas.
Rachel my oldest daughter made me blast, with just pride, here last year for Christmas.
Once upon a time, there was some girl over at school who was having a tough year where her family had been affected by cancer, which made my daughter give her Lucia bride title and gave this girl it, arguing “Mother I’ll be Lucia bride every year, and that is not fair to the other children, right? ”

Like this summer, at the “soccer camp” where she again took the shirt on and cast her vote as “best friend of the week” to another who had been bullied who had helped someone else tie her laces, I wrote enough about it in here on the blog.

Mommys girl

Where she sees what the girl who has been bullied does and says “I know who I want to vote for, as the best friend of the week”.

På dansk:

Dette her indlæg er på ingen måde blevet sponsorede.

Men som jeg skrev øverst oppe på engelsk, så gjorde min ældste datter noget helt fantatisk sidste år i julen, som bare gjorde mig så stolt som mor.!

Da en af de andre piger i hendes skole, havde fået Kræft i familien.. Så derfor vil jeg gerne anbefale mine læser at støtte børne cancer fonden med bare et par kroner..


Børne cancer fonden



Grape Juice

Billedresultat for vindrue juice

I really had a lot of red grapes.
So I pulled out my juicer and started squeezing them for juice ..
I had for approx. 2 bottles and it tastes excellent but it should have just been cooked a little with some sugar in ..

Billedresultat for vindrue juice

Best friends

This winter,(2019) my youngest daughter Alberta Luna (7 years) was just like this year’s SUPER HERO, which just make me an even more proud mother to her.

And why don’t you just think ??

Well, because here at school, she was out playing with her best friend when her best friend fell over and “fainted” and my imaginative intelligent daughter reacted first to “just teasing”, but when she saw lightning fast finds out this really serious, then she starts to tear at her a little and call her name, and where after she lies her head down to her mouth so she could feel her “air out of her mouth” and when it was weak she looked inside to the educators and cried out for help, and then she ran back to her friend and sat and held her hand until the paramedic came.

And yes she was very influenced by it, the rest of the day and evening and all night and again today, influenced by that experience.!

And she is neither gored nor dismissed, but she is recognized in her heroic work and there is a lot of talk about it until the ugly experience is out of the body.!

Ingen tilgængelig billedbeskrivelse.

I am so proud of her

She didn’t panic at any time and keep her head cold.

Adults in Denmark are so busy having to cultivate their ego that they forget to praise others, unfortunately more and more Danes perceive that being polite and praising others is “an offense” ..
When I have done something good for others, I never receive recognition, but “when it is something special”.
Selfishness is an energy drain and witty take on motivation and the joy of one to do something good for others ..
So what are we going to teach our children ?? being some little cynical ego tripper ?? or some loving caring helpful people ???

I want to someday teach my children that being a caring and helpful person makes you a winner
Selfishness and the cultivation of it, make one a loser!


(I also just got the most caring and most beautiful son in my boyfriend’s package, thank you! )

Mommys Girl

I wrote this post about a year ago when I was angry about how quickly we can judge each other without thinking. Exclusively through the look or the way we walk or talk.

But yes my oldest daughter has a little “fat on the stomach”, but she is actually very active and can max sit quietly in front of an ipad for an hour, so she has to go out and move physically.
She always got her ass kicked, but she might need days where she’s just in nightwear all day and have to play with dolls or draw or paint a whole day where to stress off.
So what exactly are the many “I just know much better than you” mothers just having to teach me about my own daughter ??
I simply just don’t know anything worse than “mommy slamming”.

My oldest daughter started for Soccer last year, and she loves it.!

So to all of you mothers who are so damned sorry about what my daughter looks like, I would just like to mention that she cycles to school everyday, and there are probably small 3 kilometers each way, and in all kinds of clothes and she must bike cross 2 major and dangerous roads to and from school ..
How many of these “I’m so sorry” mothers couldn’t possibly just dream of doing well ?? so rather run their children from and to schools and other activates and under stimulate and suppress their children.

so a very ordinary week for my daughter will typically look like this. So I actually doubt that the “fat” she has on her stomach means that she lives unhealthy and eats too much candy and chips and too much typical Danish man.

(and the typical Danish food is not healthy I can just mention)

  1. She goes to school and actually has a very long day at school .. But she is actually quite good at school and actually does well. (Probably because she goes to a private school, it would have looked something different in a DANISH primary school)
  2. Soccer
  3. Swimming
  4. Gospel
  5. Dance
  6. She cycles to school, almost every day. And actually has almost 3 kilometers each way to and from school and must, as I said, also cross 2 major and dangerous roads and yes she uses shame also bicycle helmet.
  7. She also eats healthy even though she has a very silly eating habit in the morning that she should have a Nutella food with a bacon on it.

So she is far from idle, but is a very uneducated and physically active girl of almost 9 years.
And no she does not have ADHD, she is a healthy and healthy happy girl who is a little more silly than her old mother.

But here last year to “Soccer camp” which the whole blog post is actually about.
Then my oldest daughter Rachel is actually used to winning the best friend of the year or week or month.
But here last year for “Soccer Camp” she decided to give that title to a completely different girl who needed it more than she herself had ..

My daughter feels just like me, she also thinks of others and puts others before herself and cares.
So I was just so proud of her when she gave her “best friend Title” to someone else ..

Billedresultat for best friend award

There was one of the other girls who were kept outside and the other girls didn’t like her because she was “different” and behaved “different”, but my daughter sees her helping another girl with her laces, so she say out loud I will vote for example XXX as a good friend on Friday (Best friend voted).

When she told it so she says. Actually, I’m probably the best friend but she needs it more than me.

Looking in there became her mother, just as even more proud of her as my daughter is good at averting a mobbing ..! Since she has learned that it is wrong and we should all be here.

Something that many parents and adult could learn from.

I am simply just so proud of my daughter.

Danish Apple Cake

Here at work yesterday, I had to make my grandmother’s recipe for “Danish apple cake”, which my users are very fond of.
They almost lick the dishes afterwards, so it must taste.

Billedresultat for æblekage

My grandmother made pretty much, everything from scratch.
But I’m so lazy that I buy the apple grater (half bread crumbly grater and half crushed marcons with a lot of sugar mixed together) and it comes at the bottom of the glass bowl.

Billedresultat for æblerasp

the picture borrowed from google, you can see what i mean.

In addition, of course, you have to make applesauce.
Always use different kinds of sour apples, and preferably organic if possible, but no matter what, clean them thoroughly.
And then cut them into squash with peel on. And remove the core housing.
You will need approx. 1 kilo for 4 people.
½ liter of water
1-2 vanilla bars (preferably of a good quality)
1 pinch of salt
½ kilo of sugar

Billedresultat for æblerasp

Put the apples and the rest of the ingredients in a saucepan and put on a lid and leave it for just a half an hour, or preferably overnight.
First the apples in also the water and then the sugar and salt and vanilla bars also lid on.
Then you cook them up and stir straight into it, also leave it to stand and cook on low flame for approx. 20 minutes and then turn off the stove and leave the apple porridge to cool before mashing it.


It can be made the day before also put in the refrigerator.
Then you collect it, by getting the first apple grater in the apple crop and then whipped cream.

Billedresultat for æblerasp

in the traditional way, you actually have to get some rib gel on top of the whipped cream, which I personally don’t like.
I like a small luxury verison I got a little caramel on top of.

You may want to use a vegetable cream for, I would then recommend a coconut cream or a Rice / coconut cream, because others just can’t.


Gluten-free truffles with carrots

Billedresultat for Gluten-free truffles with carrots

The recipe for the truffles!

The recipe for the truffles in Danish

10 Pcs.

240 g canned chickpeas
10 pieces of juicy dates (100 g) or 1-2 syrups
1-2 tablespoon of top peanut butter or coconut oil
3 tablespoons sugar-free quince jam (or other jam)
1-2 tablespoons sugar free cocoa powder
1-2 tsp room aroma
1-2 tablespoons water
4 large carrots or 6-8 small carrots

To decorate

You can roll them in either sugar custard or oatmeal or coconut flour or freeze-dried fruits or dried orange powders.

How to do it.:

  1. Put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend it together until it looks like a truffle dough.
  2. Grate the carrots finely in a food processor, and preferably not on a grater as it gets too rough.
  3. Among the torn carrots into the dough, and use your fingers to spread the carrots well into the dough.
    If the dough will not collect but seems too dry then add a little more jam or water.
  4. Now refrigerate the truffle dough for 1 hour  or more – allowing it to stand and tow.
  5. Now divide the dough into 10 equal pieces and then roll the balls into coconut or crumble (if the kids think it’s a little more fun).
  6. Eat it now – or refrigerate it until eaten!

Billedresultat for Gluten-free truffles with carrots

perfect for Halloween candy.
wrap them in small cup cake paper pieces.



Potato pizza

This Pizza recipe is just one of my favorites, including my old dog (who unfortunately died last year at the age of 13). He loved this potato pizza, and sat neatly in front of the oven, waiting for it to be baked when I made it.

Billedresultat for kartoffel pizza

recipe for a pizza dough

recipe for a pizza dough gluten-free

On the link above you can find some recipes for pizza dough both with gluten and gluten free .. I use them myself when making the “traditional” pizza dough.

It is now quite simple, so there is no such accurate target for this recipe.
You will need.
A little olive oil to brush the bottom with.
4-6 small potatoes or 2 large baking potatoes or maybe more ..
1 small glass of stone free olives
1 block of feta cheese or silk tofu
1-2  onions
salt and pepper and thyme and organo dried.

How to do it.:

Rinse and thoroughly clean the potatoes and cut into extremely thin slices just like if you want to make chips, Do not peel the potatoes, but clean them thoroughly.

Peel and cut the onion into very thin slices too, as the potatoes and onions should be evenly distributed over the pizza and then you come over the feta cheese or silk tofu, just break some pieces and evenly and evenly spread them around the potatoes and onions.
Then sprinkle with salt and pepper and the spices and place in the oven and bake for approx. 20 minutes or more , on 200 degress celisus or 392 fahrenreit.

It should be crispy and the potatoes should not be too wet in it.
Make a sample test regularly, but there are differences in the ovens remember that.
Whether you have a gas oven, or a warm air oven( or what it been called )  or a controversial oven.

NOTE: You just have to remember that the potatoes you need to dip in a clean dry towel or in a kitchen towel, because they must not be “wet” because then they taste like flour.

Billedresultat for kartoffel pizza